Photography has changed the way I see the world around me.

Through it I discover new things and rediscover old ones. Like my island, New Caledonia.

This blog is just me sharing my world through my photography.

Hope you enjoy.


My little cousin's baptism was held at the St. Joseph Cathedral at the beginning of April. I'm lucky it was held then because they're closing at the end of the month for some much needed renovations and I had never been inside it. The cathedral is just magnificent! Inside and out. I was asked if I could snap a few photos of the ceremony for souvenir and I'm glad they did otherwise I may not have brought my camera inside with me. One thing I love to do is show the environment where the event is taking place. They chose the St. Joseph Cathedral for a reason. Thus why not show the grandiosity of it's architecture. These are just a handful of photos taken before and after the ceremony (with a couple of exceptions). I wish I had more time and my tripod. I would have taken more detail shots and angles, and I think the photos would've been of better quality too.

St. Joseph Cathedral is located in Noumea (New caledonia) on the east side of the city and just above it's skyline. If you'd like to know more on the cathedral, here is a link to it's Wikipedia article.éa_Cathedral